To get started I suppose I ought to explain a bit more what this blog is about. So I go to Geneva College (in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, not Geneva Switzerland) and I’m taking a publishing class there where we’re planning to publish a book full of our short stories. If you go to Geneva and you’re reading this, then congratulations, you go to my school, though you probably had no idea that this endeavor is happening. That’s why myself and my entire class will be writing these blogs, to keep you updated on the status of our stories and the book.

Of course, you might have absolutely no interest in the book we’re making (hopefully you will by the end of the spring semester though) and in that case I encourage you to keep up with my blog (and others) anyway, because we’ll be writing about other things as well, I’m sure. For instance, besides writing, some of my interests include reading (no surprise there), cats, archery, sword-fighting, history pre-1900, especially the medieval era, collecting odd objects and bits of junk, and wandering about in the woods (sometimes hiking and camping while I’m at it). If none of that interests you (and I may not get to all of it in this blog, be warned) then go read one of my classmate’s blogs, I’m sure you will find something that interests you in one of their posts.

If you’re still reading this, then that’s excellent and I don’t know what else to tell you about myself at the moment that would not bore you to death, so I’ll give a little explanation of the title of my blog (which may also bore you to death, but at least it’s productive).

“Meerkitten” is a word I made up myself, and if anyone else tells you that they made it up they might not be lying, but I certainly thought it up independently of them. It’s part of the name of the main character in my books. The “Wolves” part refers to the main antagonists in my four books. So basically the title comes from my books. Why is this important, why should you care at all? Because I plan to connect my short story to my books, that’s why.
So what should you know about my books, briefly? Well, they’re fantasy novels, not yet published or ready to be published, but heading in that direction. They take place in a world totally inhabited by various types of animals, and usually my main characters are cats. Why cats? Because I like cats and I have owned an awful lot of them, and writers should write about what they know. Furthermore the books are set in a medieval era, so the cats and most other animals fight with swords and bows, and build grand fortresses.

Intrigued? Follow my blog. Bored out of your mind? I’m sorry, but I did warn you. Confused? Continue reading my blog, I might specify or make more sense later. At any rate I hope you at least got a bit of amusement out of this introduction and will continue to follow me on this little adventure.