Alright, so, here’s the deal. On Youtube there’s a video series I like called “Google Translate sings”, where a very musically talented young woman named Malinda Kathleen Reese puts songs through multiple google translates and then sings the results. These are hilarious, and always get me to laugh, so as I try to promote the book my class has written I decided to do this with a part of my story.

That’s right, I translated a chunk of my story from English into Spanish, German, Russian, Romanian, Swahili and Polish, then back into English, and I will now post it for your entertainment. To find out what the story is actually saying, you will have to read my short story, “Howls of Defiance” in our book, The Oddities of Room 34. And, even if you don’t, I hope you get a good laugh out of this, because I certainly did!

(aka, Howls of Defiance by Google Translate)

After theft, the unconscious field knew that it was not at home. The young wolf was long to evaluate the ears and noses of his environment; He was in a mountain forest surrounded by pines and fallen leaves moldy. Aromas of animals hung in the air, but most of them lost completely …. wolves familiar smell. In addition to singing birds and wind whistling through trees, bushes and stability. Oriented now and I’m sure it was not in danger, Hain opened his eyes and stood up.
Rocky oak and pine dotted with rocky slopes above it, and broken stones scattered around the land around them as if they were in the past was a large military aircraft. Hain was never here, and I feel it was not all. The young wolf suddenly smiled and smiled white teeth sharp as opposed to his black skin reveal. I know exactly what happened, it was to study every six wolf satellites before admission to their group like young warriors and hunters. Wolf puppies are placed in an unknown, often dangerous mountain where wolves live and can be drained until they can find their way home … if they find their way home.
Hain was sure he would be successful; It was better than all the other ambitious fighters to fight, and he was a good hunter, though his mother had told him many times that he was more patient. Young Wolf rose and drew air, and he had no suspicion around the embankment before. It does not matter, it will not take long to get another game, and then everything will be easy.
Well, it will be easy if not for the winter.
Hain that this sad time spent in space between the rock group crouched, watching the mobile white wall in front of you. It was the third day when the storm hit. No wonder there was no snowstorm in winter, but he had to wait until Khain’s decency was done.
Tulia field. You Wolf, Wolves live snowstorms in general. “He is thought to be alone. At least he could have hunted before the snow was probably caused by starvation otherwise. Unfortunately, he knew he would die of hunger, or freeze when the snow went and he could not find his way home. What’s worse, the storm rose as he took one of the mountains, trying to figure out where he was and now in the protection of the forest.
And although Khain knew not only on the slopes.
Hain waits for a stalemate during the storm, he slipped out of hiding and started to character carefully. He took every step of the leg pain, but clenched his teeth and continued to endure the pain left his feet went numb. Can I go down, you can reach the defense and wait for the blizzard to fall, with the hope of survival is worth the feet of the freezer.
At first it seemed that the storm decided to take him upstairs and had to dig his claws in the snow until he could catch the rock and not slip on the rocks. Gradually, strong winds and snow fell a little, and although his feet were completely numb and the rest was hot. When he reached a good amount of possession when he turned to see the environment as he was going to see how much.
Suddenly he heard the screams angrily and grasped a few seconds before something hit him. Hain noise like coyotes lost balance and fell in the mountains. He was surprised that one of his legs was stuck between the stones and clung to him with claws. He moved a little, then came up and stood in the snow in search of what attacked him.

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