Hello again! I am back from London (it was glorious, so was Oxford, and the tube might just be the niftiest transportation ever invented) and hard at work doing summer things and re-writing my first book. And, as promised, I am upkeeping my blog! For now, anyway…..

My first book is called, “The Tale of Mozart the Meerkitten”. It chronicles the adventures of four young kittens living in their war-torn forest home. Abandoned by their parents, Toto, Dorthy, Caspian and Mozart struggle to find a place where they belong, while trying not to get killed at the same time.
The villain is a sinister wolf named Cogg, and he is the Wolfking. His aim is to accomplish what the wolves have been trying to do for centuries; conquer the Forest so that they may finally leave their harsh mountain home…. And he doesn’t mind tearing a few families apart in the process.

I’ll try to update my blog frequently, with snippets from my book, or possibly insights from my Worldbuilding exploits, or possibly just random, but relevant, thoughts I felt the need to write a blog post on. I do hope you enjoy the little peeks inside my brain.

If you have any questions or comments on any of my blog posts, story snippets or wonderments about my worldbuilding then please feel free to leave a comment! It may take me a few days to see it, but I will reply if needed, and likely be filled with joy at just seeing it.