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Keep Calm and Go to London

So, over spring break I found out that my mom had been plotting against-ahem- for me since shortly after Christmas. By her schemes she has made it possible for me to go to London for four days this May to visit my cousin who has been spending a semester there.

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Influences and Originalities

One of the things we’ve talked about in class is being original, but similar enough in genre and content to famous books that you can say, “Well, my book is like so-and-sos book.” but not have it be identical. This is a process I’ve been puzzling out since I first started writing, so here are some of my influences and what my stories (including the one I’m working on for this class) are like and how I’ve tried to make them original. Continue reading “Influences and Originalities”

Accidental Novels

So, let’s say that, now that I’ve posted a few things, you’ve decided to follow my blog, or at least read it once and a while. Since I’ve managed to suck you into a little corner of my madness, let me tell you a bit about how I started writing, and how it ties into this class now.

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Building a World

While some authors set stories on modern Earth, many place their stories in the past, future, or on another world entirely. A story set in modern times, or the past, or even the future will require research and creativity, but authors who set their books in another world have their work cut out for them, as I know from experience.

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Antagonists; Villains and their Vices

One of my favorite characters I ever created was the villain for my fourth book. His name is Khain, and he is the prince of the Wolf Country in my story. He was such a fun perspective to write from, because he had none of the moral quandaries of a hero, but was still very clever and thoughtful. It was through this that I found that developing the villain, or antagonist, of a story can be just as interesting as creating a protagonist, which is what most people tend to focus on in character creation. So let’s talk a bit about antagonists. Continue reading “Antagonists; Villains and their Vices”

Here there be writers…

Update 5/25/17:
Hello! I’m Carrissa, and I originally started this blog for a college publishing class to promote a book of short stories we were writing (which can be found here; The Oddities of Room 34). However, since I decided to re-write my first book this summer I will be posting comments and updates relating to that for the next few months (as long as I remember to post). I hope you enjoy reading my posts! Feel free to leave comments or ask questions, I’ll be happy to answer them when I find them!

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Your resident Meerkitten

To get started I suppose I ought to explain a bit more what this blog is about. So I go to Geneva College (in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, not Geneva Switzerland) and I’m taking a publishing class there where we’re planning to publish a book full of our short stories. If you go to Geneva and you’re reading this, then congratulations, you go to my school, though you probably had no idea that this endeavor is happening. That’s why myself and my entire class will be writing these blogs, to keep you updated on the status of our stories and the book.

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Weaving a Plot Twist

I love to be surprised when I’m reading. Unexpected twists and turns in a story thrill me- so long as they’re crafted in the right way. But how does one go about crafting a plot twist? You might think that’s easy, all you have to do is throw something totally random or out of the blue at the readers. Well, actually, you can do that, but it’s better if you don’t, and I can tell you why, and a few pointers for making a good plot twist. Continue reading “Weaving a Plot Twist”

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